Paintings by Oscar Spierenburg

  • Artist: Oscar Spierenburg (The Netherlands, b. 1981)

Oscar comes from an artist family from Haarlem, the Netherlands. His grandfather (Leen Spierenburg) as well as his father and brother are renowned artists. Immediately after graduating from secondary school, he devoted himself to sculpting and painting. He has been living and working in Antwerp since 2006, where he also runs Art Gallery Picoux. His paintings and sculptures have been regularly exhibited in galleries and art fairs in the Netherlands, Belgium and France since 2000.
In addition to painting and sculpting, he is a filmmaker and has several films and documentaries to his name.

Oscar chooses cityscapes and landscapes with an old car or tram as the subject for his paintings. He often makes the comparison as a ‘still life on the street’ to explain that, just like in a still life, the motive is focused on light and atmosphere and not on the subject itself. His works are therefore characterized by large shadows and light areas, a personal resolute touch and a very subtle color palette. His works all have a fascinating, balanced composition and a tranquil atmosphere.